Saloni Subha ( Intern Journalist ) The central team, which visited Bihar earlier this week to assess the covid-19 situation in the state, has said that the”very low” testing ratio in the state as compared to the national averages may impact its case fatality rate due to pandemic.

At 3,423per million, Bihar has the lowest testing and mortality testing rate (0.69%) in India. While expressing concern over the increase in cases positivity, the three-member central team, in a team, in a letter to the Bihar’s health department on Wednesday, said the low testing might result in the spread of infection, late identification and late arrival of cases in the hospital that could impact the case fatality rate.

The team, headed by Lav Agarwal, joint secretary in the ministry of health, was in Bihar between July 19 and 20 after an alarming rise in cases of coronavirus in the state. Bihar has been reporting over 1,000 cases daily on average since July 12.

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