( Kajal Singh intern journalist)
Lucknow: The courage of the laborer Krishna were answered due to lack of work due to lockdown. With wife Pramila and both children difficult to live in Uttar Pradesh Lucknow, on Wednesday night, he decided to visit the ancestral village in Chhattisgarh. The whole family had to travel hundreds of km by bicycle. However, shortly after the marathon to save the family started, the road accident occurred.

A couple of riding a bike was killed in a high-speed vehicle collision on the Shaheed Path. Both innocent children waited for a long time for the blood-soaked parents to wake up. What they knew was that they would not rise now. Police reached the spot and handed over the two children to their uncle. A search has been started for the driver responsible for the accident.
Many people got out of the bicycle together
A resident of Nawalgarh in Chhattisgarh, Krishna Sahu (45), wife Pramila (40), daughter Chandni (3), and one and a half-year-old son Nikhil lived in Sikandarpur village in Jankipuram. Ramkumar, brother of Krishna, who takes care of the family by working as a laborer, stays in Dubagga. According to Ramkumar, work in the lockdown has stopped. In such a situation, many people of Chhattisgarh came out of their homes with a bicycle. Krishna also got out of the cycle with his family. Meanwhile, a high-speed vehicle hit the martyr path late at night.

Mobile identification
The driver responsible for the accident escaped from the spot with the vehicle. Seeing the couple and two children on the street lying in blood, a passerby called the police. Sushant Golf City police reached the spot and took the injured to Lohia Hospital. Pramila had been killed even before the commencement of treatment doctors said. Seeing the condition critical, the doctors referred Krishna to the trauma center.

However, he too could not be saved. Bhai Ramkumar was informed with the help of a mobile found in the search. However, the laborer Ramkumar had no means late at night. On information, the police team took him to the hospital. Both children were not particularly hurt. In such a situation, he was handed over to his uncle after first aid. A search for the driver has been started with the dead body being sent for post-mortem.

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