(Manisha Mahar, Intern Journalist); Under RR Global, new electric vehicle startup BGauss has launched two of its new electric scooters. The scooters under consideration by the company are A2 and B8. These scooters come with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries and their price range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh. The BGauss A2 will be sold in three variants. At the same time, BGauss B8 will also be sold in three variants. The company will start delivering both these scooters in August 2020.

BGauss A2 is a low-speed scooter and the company has given it a 250 watt brushless DC (BLDC) motor. This scooter comes with a lithium-ion battery and a lead-acid battery. The lithium-ion battery takes two hours to fully charge once. At the same time, lead-acid batteries take 7-8 hours to be fully charged. The lithium-ion battery is removable and can be charged anywhere. The top speed of this scooter is 21 kmph and it gives a range of up to 98 km in one turn. It can also lift up to 150 kg.

BGauss has launched two of its new electric scooters.

BGauss B8 is the company’s flagship high-speed scooter and has a top speed of 45 kmph. It is powered by a 1,900 kW electric motor which is derived from Bosch and also offers three riding modes. This scooter generates a maximum torque of 94.6 Nm. The lithium-ion battery is given in BGauss B8 and also has the option of lead-acid. The scooter has a range of 70 km and 78 km. This scooter can also carry 150 kg. In this, the company has given a combi-braking system, touch-start, anti-theft alarm, remote lock / unlock, and a boost function as features. The most important thing about BGauss B8 is that it can run even in 120 mm of water.

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