The outbreak of mosquitoes increases during rainy days. Apart from this, there are many animals, which are at risk, which are easily visible during the rains. You have to avoid these creatures, otherwise, they can cause problems for you. In such a situation, you know which are those creatures, whose risk of coming at the time of rain greatly increases.

Snake- In the rainy season, the organism that should be avoided the most after mosquito is the snake. During the rains, snakes come out of the holes and where there is light grass or greenery, snakes tend to camp. In such a situation, you should escape to a place of greenery. If someone bites a snake, then you should go to the doctor without panic and tie the bandage tightly on both sides where the snake has bitten.

Scorpion– Scorpion is an animal that stings. There is a lot of difficulty in its bite and many times a person dies even if the treatment is not done at the right time. Scorpions are easily visible due to rain and their chances of biting are also increased.

Fly – Most of the time flies disturb rain. They do not directly harm you, but many germs are present on them. Because of this, you are at an increased risk of seasonal diseases. Take care of food etc. at this time.

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