(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): The rocket struck early Tuesday near the US embassy in Iraq’s capital Baghdad. There is no report of any casualty in it. According to the information, the rocket was dropped in the high-security zone, Green Zone. Government buildings and embassies of many countries are located here. This is the 21st attack on US bases in Iraq since October.

Baghdad- fired near the US embassy
Baghdad- fired near the US embassy

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. The US has always blamed Iran-backed group Hashd al-Shaabi for this. Earlier in March, a contractor, including a US and a British soldier, was killed in an attack on the fresh air base north of Baghdad. The US claimed that the attack was carried out on the troops at the base.

Tension in US-Iran increased after Sulaimani’s death

The US killed Iranian military commander Qasim Sulemani in a drone strike at Baghdad Airport on 3 January. Tensions have increased in both countries since then. Following Sulemani’s death, the US embassy in Baghdad was attacked on 7 and 8 January. On January 7, Iran fired 22 missiles at two US military bases in Iraq. Iran claimed that 80 US soldiers were killed in an attack on the Ain al-Assad air base in Anbar province and a green zone in Irbil.

Prospects for improving Iraq-US relations

After the formation of the new government in Iraq, relations with the US seem to be improving. Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadhimi may hold bilateral talks with the US in June. There may be talk about the presence of American troops in Iraq. He has been stationed there since 2014 to fight the terrorist organization Islamic State. However, Kadhimi said on Sunday that US troops would not be allowed to stay in Iraq or Syria. They have to return from here.

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