(Aditya Shaw, Intern Journalist): The business of Kashmiri Gate, the largest market for auto spare parts in Unlock 3.0, has started running. Without adequate traffic arrangements, orders are now coming on WhatsApp and email, which are being supplied.

Traders expect business to increase after the Metro, rail, and interstate buses run. Despite all this, the economy as a whole has not yet come back on track. Vishnu Bhargava, president of the Automotive Parts Merchant Association, said that the government should make long-term concrete plans, only then the business will pick up in the future.

The Reserve Bank of India will not raise loan moratorium after 31 August. After this, banks will start charging interest. Demand for a loan and overdue amounts should be sought. Problems are bound to increase with this. How long will the government also increase moratorium? Unless demand is generated in the market, the business will not progress. The government will have to insist on this. The economy cannot be left in this condition. The Corona situation in Delhi is controlled, but it is a distribution hub. Closure in any part of the country affects here.

Towards Normalization Auto Mobile Business At the Kashmiri Gate, President of Delhi Motor Trader Association Kanwaljit Singh said that the business of Auto Mobile is moving towards being normal. During the lockdown, many vehicles were parked for a long time, which has encountered many problems. Now the need for a large number of spare parts is felt. Labor has returned by 80 percent, whose wages have also increased. Once the metro, rail, and interstate buses operate in Delhi, the business will increase if buyers from nearby cities reach the market. Traders are hopeful that the corona will weaken again in the coming years.

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