The Nearby feature has rolled out in India for Apple Maps. Like Google Maps, now Apple users will be able to locate the installations around them. These installations include food delivery, grocery, medical shops, petrol pumps, and restaurants such as places. With these new changes, Apple users will also get real-time transit information. Let us know that this Nearby feature of Apple Maps has been rolled out with the latest update of iOS 13.5.1. This feature was already available in Canada, Sweden, and the Netherlands. It has now been made available in India as well.

Talking about real-time transit, some cities of the US get information about live departure time, live time, and live location of public transport. Now, this feature is going to be available to Indian users soon. You can locate this Nearby feature of Apple Maps on the home page of the app. As soon as you open the app, you will find the names of food delivery centers, grocery shops, hospitals, medical shops, petrol pumps, etc. near your location on the map. You can also track things nearby by going to the search box of your Apple Maps app.
In January last year, turn-by-turn navigation was added to Apple Maps for Indian users. This feature of Apple Maps was added to challenge Google Maps. After the addition of this feature, Apple users can easily navigate to a place with the help of a map, just like Android smartphone users. The Nearby feature in Google Maps is already available some time ago.
Available in 30 countries

This Nearby feature of Apple Maps has now become available in a total of 30 countries including India. According to information from the company’s microsite, this feature is now available in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, EI Salvador, Greece, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Korea Republik, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Available in Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam

Onboard feature

Apple Maps has also enabled real-time onboard features for some countries. This feature is enabled for Canada, England, the Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden and Wales. Apart from this, the feature has been rolled out for 32 new cities in Australia, China and America. The feature was first rolled out for the US cities of San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles. With the help of these features, users can get detailed information for transit service in their Apple device. These include information about live departure time, arrival time and live locations of bus or train. In the coming time, this feature can also be rolled out in many more countries including India.

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