(Riya Singh, Intern Journalist) Patna: A young man died after drowning in a pond in Jalla Road, Meena Bazar, Alamganj police station area. As soon as his body was recovered on Thursday, people around became agitated and threw stones at the police team. They even tried to beat a junior officer and snatch his pistol. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, the police team from several police stations reached the spot and controlled the situation.

The police then sent the body to NMC for post mortem. The incident happened on Wednesday evening whose anger broke out on Thursday. On Wednesday evening, the police team of Alamganj police station reached near IDH of Jalla Road to arrest the liquor businessmen. During this, five youths jumped in the pond to escape from the police. Out of which, a young man drowned in the water, while the other four somehow escaped. After this, the police returned.

Here the family of the drowned man kept searching for him throughout the night. On Thursday morning, Alamganj police managed to get the body of the man submerged in the pond. Then someone identified him as Surendra Ram’s 18-year-old son Akshat from the slum area. People got angry on receiving the dead body.

Angry mob attacked the police. Seeing the anger of the crowd, the police fled from there. During this period, there was a lot of uproar at the scene. During the uproar, the mob also snatched arms from the police. However, it was returned later.

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