(Manisha Mahar, Intern Journalist); Some big countries of the world are now planning to build nuclear power plants that can also work on planets like the Moon and Mars. For this, views are also being sought from the people in the private sector. If their views are better then these countries will work on it.

The US also wants to build nuclear power plants that work on the Moon and Mars. There has been a request from the private sector to give ideas on how this can happen. Idaho National Laboratory US Department of Energy has placed a formal request for the construction of this plant. The US believes that when such a nuclear plant is built that can allow humans to live longer in harsh space environments.

The Idaho National Laboratory is located in eastern Idaho. The laboratory will evaluate ideas for developing the Department of Energy and NASA reactors. The lab is working on advanced reactors. Some of these are working for microreactors and others which can be cooled without water. Most of the water-cooled nuclear reactors on earth are reactors that are functioning.

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