(Kajal Singh intern journalist): Info-warfare is a major weapon of the Chinese Army. Recently, a video is becoming quite viral in China. Which China is using as propaganda. A similar video went viral during the Doklam controversy. A video of Combat-Patrolling has also surfaced in the Pangong-Tso Lake air-space of Indian fighter jets.

New Delhi: The tension between the Indian and Chinese forces on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh is not being named. Chinese soldiers are frozen in their tents. At the same time, there has been no decrease in ‘propaganda’ from the Chinese side.

A similar video has gone viral in China in which a convoy of Piplus Liberation Army (PLA) heavy-trucks, light tanks, and ICV vehicles are seen on the streets of Aksai-Chin. Although nothing is being said about this video officially, on social media this video is being said that this convoy of the Chinese army is going towards the Line of Actual Control towards the Galvan Valley.

According to sources, this video is becoming quite viral on Vibo and other Chinese micro-blogging sites. But sources in the Indian Army made it clear that this is just a propaganda video.

Let me tell you that whenever there is tension on the border between India and China. China makes such video viral so that it appears that the Chinese army can attack India anytime. In the year 2017 also during the Doklam controversy, a video of one such Chinese army was made viral. In which a large number of PLA army trucks were seen running on the highway.

It was also said at the time that these trucks of the Chinese Army were going from Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, towards Chumbi Valley. Doklam is the area at the mouth of Chumbi Valley. However, a closer look reveals that graphics were used in that video.

The latest video which is being told of Aksai-Chin. In it, a big truck is going on the road of mountains covered with light snow. Then immediately the video is edited, which means light-tanks and light vehicles are seen running fast on another road in it. This viral video has been prepared by clearly adding two videos. It is believed that the big truck may have a cannon. Let me tell you that recently, the Chinese army had done a big war in Tibet adjacent to India. These light-tanks were tested by the Chinese Army for the first time in that exercise. Also, light cannons were also tested.

The strike-vehicles seen in the video are exactly the same as the Indian Army uses ICV ie Infantry Combat Vehicles. These vehicles equipped with machine-gun and ATGM i.e. AT-tank guided missiles are used for the movement of soldiers. Because the Chinese army does not have infantry units or infantry regiments like the Indian Army. There are mechanized-infantry regiments in the Indian Army as well.

In fact, these strike-vehicles are used to ‘fasten’ the troops in enemy territory very fast or to say that the strike is done.
The ‘GISF Strategy i.e. Gaining Initiative by Striking’ comes first in the second phase of China’s war-zone campaign doctrine. That is, a fast movement should be made in the enemy’s area where some soldiers of the dragon have already occupied the area. DCD means ‘Domination less Detention’ (Just like in recent times, Chinese soldiers have been frozen in tents in Galvan Valley or Finger Area.)

Here it is a matter of fact that in the military-doctrine of the PLA Army of China, Info-Warfare or Cyclical Warfare has been given a lot of preference. Dragon first revealed this in the white paper of his army in the year 2004. Although initially this policy was named Psychological-Warfare, now it has been named as Information-Warfare or Info-Warfare.

In 2015, when China’s PLA army restructured and divided the army into separate theater commands, Info-Warfare became part of the Strategic-Support Force. Although missiles and nuclear weapons come under strategic command, the PLA converted space, cyber, electronic-warfare and cyclical-warfare under strategic-support force.

In the year 2012, the Army Chief of India wrote a research paper on China’s war-zone campaign doctrine, there was a reference to this kind of info-warfare. In that paper, General Narwane (then at the time was a brigadier) wrote that the Chinese army can present such a small victory or victory in the media so much exaggeration under this doctrine. Which makes the world feel that China has achieved a huge political victory.

Meanwhile, a video of Indian and Air Force fighter-jets has appeared in the air-space of Pangong Lake very close to the Line of Actual Control. These fighter aircraft of India are seen doing Combat-Air-Patrol (CAB-Cab) over Pangong-Tso Lake. With the supersonic boom of these fighter jets, the entire area seems to be moving like a thunder.

The video comes at a time when the Chinese army attack-helicopters tried to maneuver the LAC when a large commander of the Indian Army helicopter landed near Pangong-Tso Lake. Since then, the Indian Air Force has been doing combat air patrol close to LAC. This is a video and there is no response from the Indian Air Force on this video yet.

How China has converted Nagri-Gunsa Airport into a fighter-jet base in Tibet, about 200 kilometers from LAC. Four Chinese fighter jets can be clearly seen in the satellite image on this Chinese airbase.

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