Kajal Singh Intern Journalist: S Sreesanth is desperate to return to the Indian cricket team. Although his ban will end this year, 37-year-old Sreesanth hopes that he will be successful in doing so. These days, Sreesanth is also very active on social media like other cricketers and is giving his opinion fiercely. While talking to journalist Vimal Kumar on Helo Live, he also spoke a lot about the players of Team India.


During this chat, Sreesanth said that Lokesh Rahul has the ability to become the captain of Team India after Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. He also gave the reasoning behind why Lokesh Rahul can become the captain of Indian cricket team. He said that Rahul has all the qualities that any player needs to become a captain. Rahul plays well in all three formats as well as he is batting at any number. Rahul takes his responsibility seriously and thinks about the team. Like Virat, he is also very hardworking.

After Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, this player can become the next captain of Team India!

Vimal Kumar asked Sreesanth that a few days ago Yuvi had said that the situation in Team India has changed now and now young players do not respect their seniors as much. Sreesanth said that time has changed now and there has been a big difference between before and now. Now players have more opportunities like IPL, although this was not the case earlier. If I think like the current players, then it also seems right. Although I play for Kerala Ranji team but I get a lot of respect there.

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