The Government of India has recently banned a total of 59 Chinese apps, keeping in mind the privacy of users’ data. There are many such apps in which users use to make their work easier. These include the popular app SHAREit which users used for file and photo sharing but will no longer be able to. In such a situation, the biggest question among the users is how will file, photo, and other data be transferred after the ban on SHAREit? But there is no need to bother because some apps exist as an alternative to SHAREit in the market and here we are giving information about those apps.

Files by Google
Files by Google is also a good app for sharing files and data. With its help, users can easily transfer files. Google Play Store is available for free downloading and in this, users will also get many special features. In the Files by Google app, users can transfer files up to 480Mbps. In this, files, documents, and other apps can also be transferred along with the file. Not only this, but users can also manage their phone’s storage using this app.

Jio switch

The Indian app jio switch can be used as an alternative to the Chinese app SHAREit. In this app, users can easily transfer data such as photos, video documents, etc. on a cross-platform. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The special thing is that there is no limit of file transfer, file size or file type.

send anywehere

As is clear from the name of this app, using this, users can transfer files anywhere. This can become a better alternative to SHAREit. In the send anywhere app, users can transfer the original file without changing it. To transfer data from one phone to another, you will need Wi-Fi. This app transfers files in an easy and fast way.

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