(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): A few days ago the Taliban said that India has been playing a negative role in Afghanistan for 40 years. Now the Government of Afghanistan has responded to this. The government of Afghanistan said – India is the country that gave us the most donations. Helped the most. Both countries respect each other and these relations are in accordance with international rules.

India will play an important role in peace process

Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Gran Hewad dismissed the Taliban’s allegations in an interview. Hewad said – India has always supported the development of Afghanistan. We hope that he will also contribute to the peace process. He said, “India is one of the largest donating countries to Afghanistan. It is also contributing to development and reconstruction here. We hope that India and other neighboring countries will play an important role in bringing peace to Afghanistan. “

Taliban said – India supported the corrupt people

The Taliban has an office in Qatar. Here political affairs see Maulana Abbas Stanczai. He said in an interview, “India played a negative role in Afghanistan for the last 40 years. India has only helped and made connections with those who are corrupt, they have not been chosen by the Afghan people. Foreigners made him sit on the throne. India should cooperate in the Afghan peace process. “

Afghanistan in contact with India

Khalilzad, the special envoy of America for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan, is in contact with Indian authorities. He has traveled to India as part of efforts to establish peace in Afghanistan. He had sought cooperation from India in this matter.

Informed said – Taliban is making such statements on the demand of Pakistan

Afghanistan political analyst Khalid Sadat said on the Taliban’s statement, “If the Taliban continues to make similar statements, then Afghanistan’s diplomatic relations will be damaged in the future. The Taliban is making such statements on the demand of Pakistan. There has always been enmity in India and Pakistan. Pakistan has so far been running a proxy war in Afghanistan through the Taliban. The Taliban should promote good relations with all countries. “

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