Suparna Ghosh(Intern Journalist) Kolkata: The nationwide lockdown that has been imposed since 25th March, to curb the spread of the deadly pandemic has created a total mess for the kidney and other patients that needed checkups if not regularly but monthly. Fuad Halim, a 49-year-old came as a boon to these kind of patients. He accessed treatments for the dialysis patients with a very minimal charge of Rs 50, to make sure that they are not being neglected in these tough times. The said person, runs a small standalone dialysis unit in South Kolkata, probably in Park Street. Fuad Halim runs an NGO named ‘Swasthya Sankalpa’ with some limited resources of doctors and technicians. In these vulnerable times when doctors and hospitals are turning away patients due to Covid-19 fear, Fuad Halim is of great relief to these patients of emergency. He has constantly supported such patients in need and is looking forward to extending his helping hand in a more diverse way.

Reportedly, 35-40 dialysis is conducted every day keeping in mind about hygiene and sanitization, which, fortunately, unfortunately, happened to be the new normal. ‘We never discriminated. There are patients whom we treated here and then sent to fever clinics, after seeing symptoms. They later tested positive. There are also patients who tested negative and came to us and we performed the procedures, ‘ Halim said in an interview. He is an ex CPI(M) member and a doctor in Kolkata who is sincerely performing the duties of a doctor without thinking about his own safety and risk, henceforth giving the patients an utmost priority and much needed medical service.

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