(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) Wednesday night incident occurred in the Gautiya village of Nigohi in Shahajahanpur District of Uttar Pradesh. After the fighting, the husband stabbed phukni several times on the head of the sleeping wife on the roof and ran away. The woman’s sons admitted to the hospital with family members. The woman died during treatment on Thursday. There was chaos in the family. Police sent the body for postmortem.

The woman’s son told here at the postmortem house. Pinki, who is from Gautiya village, was about 35 years old. Pinki’s house was in her name, that’s why Pinki used to talk to her husband Ramesh. For the last few days, Ramesh had been asking Pinki to sell the house. Pinki was refusing to sell the house. Wednesday night Pinki was sleeping on the terrace due to heat. Her both sons and both daughters were sleeping in the room. Around 12 o’clock in the night, her husband Ramesh came in the room where the children were sleeping, latching the door and went on the roof. Meanwhile Ramesh had a conversation with his wife Pinki. Angry Ramesh hit his wife’s head several times with phukni. Ramesh ran away after seeing his bloodied wife. Hearing screaming, the eyes of children sleeping in the room opened. After that, the elder son, Gaurav, called his uncle and relatives. After the relatives reached his house, the sons admitted the injured mother pinki to the hospital of Medical college.

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