There is good news for the people having an interest in science and space. Scientists have discovered a nearest black hole. This is nine and a half million thousands away from Earth.

Black hole is a matter of curiosity in the people. If you do not know, what a black hole is? Let you know it.

Black hole produced when a star gets devastated. It has told that after surviving crore years when any star gets old then he could not bear its weight. Gradually, he gets contracted in himself and becomes small as an atom. You can understand it this way that there is an explosion when a big star at its last stage and this is called a supernova, and the elements of that star gets diffused in the space. Dead stars left behind some solid remains and those called as a black hole.

Black hole, presently, is like a heavy weigh things whose gravity is the most powerful.

So powerful that nothing can escape from entering its mouth, even the light itself becomes the food of the hungry stomach of this black hole. Whatever passes by it, gets swallowed. You can’t escape from it because its gravity is so strong that we will go on pulling ourselves.

The great scientist Albert Einstein first guessed about the black hole, but then the great physicist Steven Hawking introduced the black hole to the world. Steven Hawking told a lot about the black hole and taught it new.

Hawking, along with his fellow scientist Roger Penrose, tried to find out what you would get if you reached the middle of this black hole. Singularity – that is, the centre of a black hole where all the swallowed stuff is reduced to a small bullet. This is where the black hole’s gravity is highest. Inside a hole, what fragments you will find inside the kyanite, stars, dust, soil, the torn brushes left of astronauts wandering in space, tissue paper, and if elephants, horses, even reach into space, then that too. Will be found in black holes. No one knows what happens after reaching a black hole. Is there a different universe here or does the people go and forget everything. Black hole is still a puzzle whose layers are slowly opening up.

Last year, the first picture of a black hole was released and scientists said that what has been seen is much larger than the size of the entire solar system and now the black hole closest to the Earth has been discovered. Let’s see how much further the black hole is to us.

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