(Riya Singh, Intern Journalist): Investigations have now started after the corona infection was positive in 111 people who attended the wedding ceremony in Paliganj. About 200 people will be questioned. Preliminary investigation has revealed that the groom’s health deteriorated in Gurugram and he was married in the same situation. Officials say preliminary investigations have revealed that the groom was taken to hospital after his condition deteriorated, but his corona was not examined. It has also been learned that most people who came in contact with the groom have been victimized.

Prima facie it seems that in the event of infection of the groom, he was approached by the people of his house and neighbors who got the disease. Most of the victims are people who attended the wedding. The SDO from Paliganj says that the family will be questioned in relation to why the groom was cremated without checking the corona. On the other hand, the pleasant aspect is that 14 of the 111 infected have returned home after recovery, while 97 are being treated in an isolation ward.

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