(Pooja Pal; Intern Journalist): Allahabad bank located in Bhathat Bazar of the Gulariha area, a case of opening of accounts in the name of two women on the same account number has risen. One of the two women regularly deposited money in the account after deducting expenses, while the latter considered government aid and kept withdrawing the money from the account. 

The lady who deposited had raised a query a few days ago of withdrawal. After this, on Wednesday, when the 2nd account holder approached for withdrawal, she was caught. When the matter reached the police, the bank workers’ ignorance to open an account in the name of both was revealed on the same account number.

Lady being acknowledged of the issue while withdrawing:-

Sheila Devi, the wife of Ramnaresh, a resident of Banachara, Pipraich, opened the account in the year 2014. By adding small amounts, she had one lakh rupees in the account. A few days ago Sheila reached the bank to update her passbook, then it was found that Rs 54000 was withdrawn from the account. At the same time, he complained to the bank manager. Upon investigation, it was found that on different dates, this amount has been withdrawn by filling the withdrawal form. The bank manager, while talking about the investigation, sent Sheela home. Also prohibited withdrawal from her account.

Meanwhile, a withdrawal form was submitted on Wednesday to withdraw money from Sheila’s account number. The cashier’s ears widened as soon as he saw the withdrawal form. He informed the bank manager about this. The bank manager summoned the Bhathut outpost and handed over the woman who had submitted the withdrawal form to withdraw the money. During interrogation, it was found that the name of the woman is also Sheela and she too is a resident of Banchara village. Although her husband’s name is America.

On checking the passbook, it was found that her account was also opened on the same account number, on which the account was opened by Ramnaresh’s wife Sheela. America’s wife Sheela told that her Jan Dhan account was opened in the bank. On updating the passbook in January, the account was found to have one lakh rupees. Recognizing the help from the government, she had once withdrawn five thousand, second time nine thousand and four times 10 thousand rupees. On being questioned about opening an account in the name of two women on the same account number, Assistant Branch Manager Narendra Pratap Singh said that it is being investigated. Action will be taken against the guilty.

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