The United Nations World Food Program has warned that due to the coronavirus lockdown, starvation problems may increase in Latin America. Starvation here can reach 14 million as the country’s economy is derailing due to the lockdown. In such a situation, people’s lives will also be affected.

Shocking figures have been released from new estimates released late on Wednesday. In the year 2019, 3.4 million people faced severe food insecurity here. Now, this number can be quadruple. WFP regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Miguel Barreto (regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean) said that we are entering a very complex phase. Right now due to Corona, here we are calling it hunger epidemic.

He said that signs of increasing hunger are already being felt around the region at the moment, where desperate citizens hang out in quarantine by hanging red and white flags from their homes to go out in search of money and cry for help. Are violating. It consists mostly of informal workers from Latin America and some poor people who have lost their jobs due to the Corona lockdown.

Let me tell you that the whole world is struggling with the corona crisis all the time. At present, the maximum deaths from Coronavirus have occurred in the US alone. This is followed by Brazil, Russia, Spain, and Italy. In such a situation, all countries have a lockdown of the coronavirus to prevent this infection, due to which people have to suffer from starvation problems. Not only this, but people have also had to lose their jobs.

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